Saturday, 4 May 2019


custody battle
the zigzag edges
of my nail

honourable mention in The Betty Drevniok Award, Canada

day moon -
her unsold

THN JUne 2019

mobile wallet

the server issue

at the cash counter

Haiku Dialogue: What’s at Hand Week 11 April 10th

planetarium . . .

one by one

his teeth shine

Honorable mention ( SGP contest )

martyr’s wife . . .

his last message frozen

on the pager’s display

Haiku Dialogue: What’s at Hand 27th Feb


The ellipsis is toughest of all the punctuation marks. It provides space to leave the things unsaid.

But I want to join the dots, as sound can't travel without a medium.

 twinkling stars . . .

 jargon of an

 autistic boy

 HT Volume 13 number 1 March 2019

anonymous valentine

I caress the scar

on my chin

Asahi shimbun  15th feb

first day

adjusting the length'

of husband's tie

Asahi Shimbun  1st feb

frozen river

his claims

to be different

Haiku Dialogue: 30th Jan